One thing that we have noticed is that there is no lack in desire for change. Individuals search and scour the internet for the best way to lose weight, eat right, stay healthy and be more active. They set goals and plans for accomplishing these small changes. They buy the latest online diet package of shakes and supplements, they join their local gym and vow to be there 7 days a week no less than an hour at a time. 

Then for a majority of the population, one of two things can happen: 

  1. They give up because it’s just too hard; its much easier just to do what is comfortable and pray that change will happen
  2. They are successful for three months and then when they hit their “goal” they go back to their old habits and then it all comes back. 

In both cases, they get discouraged and begin searching all over again for the next miracle or magic “cure” to a healthier life. 

The truth is, there is no magic pill, patch, shake, workout video, extreme gym, etc. that will instantly change your health and lifestyle. You don’t have to live at the gym and starve yourself either! Living this way is not healthy, it does more harm than good.

Here at Get Whole Lifestyle Coaching we focus on the entirety of our clients: Body, Mind and Spirit. We want to break through the myths and misconceptions of wellness. Our purpose is to help busy individuals develop mindful living habits that will build and sustain healthy and physically active lifestyles. We accomplish this through customized fitness plans as well as mindful wellness and mindset guidance and most importantly, accountability.

Our clients are not alone in their journey either. We are with them every step of the way. We encourage them to step outside of the gym and away from the food scale to live their lives while improving their health and the added bonus for those who are seeking it, still losing weight and improving their physique. We focus on getting back to those activities and hobbies that once kept them active like cycling, basketball, canoeing, football, etc. – all their choice! If they did not have one in the past, we help them find an active hobby to take on. The reason for this is that this has to be something that you enjoy and can connect with, otherwise it will feel like work – mindset training #1!

We have been on all sides of the spectrum when it comes to wellness and fitness. We have hurdled through the obstacles, and honestly, we are human and still hurdle through them daily. This is why we do what we do – because we live it now and we have lived it in the past. We want to help others get to where they want to be and stay there.